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How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

 A wedding is the most important day of your life, and you would surely want it to be special and unique. Although it is a great occasion and a celebration of love and life, it can also be quite a task to organize a wedding. It can be painfully difficult to get the right venue and make the right choices on what you want and need at your wedding. Here is a quick guide to help you choose a venue wisely.


Steps to follow when looking for wedding venues

Choosing a venue for your wedding is possibly the most important step in your planning. You need to plan well in advance to be able to get a venue of your choice for the dates that you want. If you choose a venue that does not cater to all your requirements, or that is too small, it could end up messing up this important life event. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a venue. 

  • Religious or non-religious ceremony – This is the very first decision you need to make about your wedding. Most couples know if they want a church wedding, but you and your partner need to discuss and cone to a decision on this before going ahead. This will be the first step in deciding a venue.
  • Feel of the wedding – Do you want a beachside romantic wedding, or an elegant vineyard setting? Decide on what your wedding to be like – classy, fun, solemn or a classic theme wedding. Knowing this will help you shortlist venues to those that suit the feel and style you are looking for.
  • Logistics – Ensure you take your time on this one. Check every single detail before you finalize anything. Things to check for include:
    • Size of venue according to scale of wedding – will it fit all your guests comfortably?
    • Seasonal venues – is it a summer or winter wedding venue?
    • Special accommodations – do you need wheelchair access or safety for toddlers?
  • Venue at the day and time of the actual wedding – if you plan a Saturday morning wedding, visit your chosen venue at that time of the day on a Saturday to see what the venue looks and feels like.
  • Full service or not full service venues – Will the venue take care of catering, flower arrangement and other logistics for the wedding or will you have to do all of it on your own? Ask these questions and make up your mind on whether you want more hassles and spend less money, or spend a little more and let them take care of everything while you give them instructions.
  • Nature of catering services – Will the caterers be able to accommodate your special requests, or will you have to choose from a set of standard menus? This again will determine how you choose caterers and what customization you want for the food at your wedding. 

It always better to have enough time to visit venues, talk to venue managers before deciding on a venue. That way, you will have seen the venue and got all the details you need so you can make an informed decision.


Quick tips to help you choose the perfect venue

Make a fact sheet and keep it handy through all your wedding preparations. Take it along with you when visiting a venue or talking to venue managers.

The columns should be “preferred” and “actual”, with categories that should ideally be included:

  • Date of wedding
  • Name of venue
  • Location
  • Type of venue
  • Venue layout
  • Capacity of venue
  • Budget
  • Restrictions
  • Parking and valet services
  • Extra facilities

Keep this guide handy when you plan your wedding to ensure you go about it the right way. Planning it right can help avoid confusions and faux pas, letting you have the wedding you always dreamt about for yourself and your loved one.


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