Wedding Trends in USA – traditional to weird

Wedding Trends in USA – traditional to weird

While brides-to-be are no less enamored with Pinterest than they were in years past, it’s clear that in 2016, they want to add their own twist on other people’s ideas. From where to say, “I do” to what to wear while saying it, we’ve outlined some of the top trending wedding styles in the United States this year. We’ve also highlighted a few of the more unique ways that marrying couples are tying the knot. 


JamieLynn and Nicholas Married | Deep Cut Gardens | The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor

Jay and Nick got Married! Ceremony at St Clare’s on Staten Island. Portraits were taken at the always beautiful Deep Cut Gardens.   Then the raging reception was held at The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor.   Entertainment by Mike G with Partners in Sound Rocked the House!   The always talented Bamboo Salon did an amazing job making this already… Read more >>

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

 A wedding is the most important day of your life, and you would surely want it to be special and unique. Although it is a great occasion and a celebration of love and life, it can also be quite a task to organize a wedding. It can be painfully difficult to get the right venue… Read more >>

5 Great Ideas For Wedding Favors

Wedding planning is all about the details. And if you have been going stir crazy trying to find the perfect, unique wedding favor for your guests, look no further. Creative wedding favors are easier to put together than you might imagine – and you won’t need a fairy godmother either!   Pretty spa and beauty… Read more >>


Planning Your Bridal Shower – Ten Ideas

It’s the traditional bridal shower only with a refreshing spin. Let’s talk some fun bridal shower ideas that you can use:   Cooking classes: Including cooking classes taught by a professional chef as a part of the bridal shower, is a great idea if the bride-to-be is a foodie. It is not only an interesting… Read more >>

How Many Bridesmaids Should I Have?

The tradition of making bridesmaids an integral part of the wedding ceremony came into vogue many years ago. Bridesmaids were to serve as the bride’s trusted accomplices and infantry and keep scorned suitors at bay, when the bride went to the Groom’s community, back in the day. Even in Roman wedding tradition, bridesmaids would dress… Read more >>

Are You Scheduling Enough Time for Your Wedding Photography

Between following up with the wedding caterer and finalizing wedding favors, we know that you’ll have little to no time to chalk out the wedding photography timeline. Of course, that does not mean that you should be sidelining the wedding photography entirely, simply because it’s you big day, and you want to get as much… Read more >>

Is the Garter Bouquet Toss Going Out of Style?

Is the Garter/Bouquet Toss Going Out of Style? What Are Some Alternatives?  It’s about time that we moved on from the age-old bouquet toss tradition, where scared-to-be-spinsters claw at each other with all fierceness, as if this were the very last shot that they had at marriage, for sheer comic relief. Don’t even get us… Read more >>

Announcing Your Wedding to Invitees

Many happy couples want to share beautiful images of their love with their friends and family in the days leading up to their nuptial ceremony. Typically, weddings have been the domain of photographers who document the wedding and reception with still images.   Sometimes, an engaged couple will decide that they want a video recording… Read more >>

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