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What is the New American Wedding?

Westchester wedding photographersA wedding can be a traditional celebration of pure love that mirrors the timeless qualities of your union, or it can be an original statement on what it is to love someone and share that message of love with your community of friends and family. As we move into a new year, The Bleu Studio is looking ahead at some emerging trends that will be seen at weddings all over the country in the coming months.


Much of the new American wedding will be centered around our instant connections to various social networks through electronic devices, according to this article published by SBWire.com. Many contemporary couples have been welcoming those with devices who want to document the special day and share it with others who can’t attend. Electronic device charging stations can be rented by planners who want to encourage pictures and video recording late into the night.


Conversely, some down-to-earth couples are instead asking their guests to be present with them in body and in mind during the ceremony. Many of these people are setting up phone check-ins at the church or reception hall in order to ensure that friends and family members are focused on the special day that’s unfolding and not their Facebook statuses.


NYC wedding photographersPhotos with a vintage look and feel have been a popular choice in recent years, as we’ve discussed elsewhere on this blog. The classic look and feel of the photo booth has also been seen more often at weddings today. Some companies, especially those in large cities, are able to rent these booths out to parties, and guests love piling in with friends to take a series of wacky photos.


It’s tough to find a wedding photographer who takes the time to make sure that they understand all of the latest trends. However, with The Bleu Studio, you can be sure that you’re trusting a professional service that cares about providing compelling new options for you on your special day. Give us a call to discuss available scheduling options for your wedding in and around Hoboken, NJ.



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