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Announcing Your Wedding to Invitees

Many happy couples want to share beautiful images of their love with their friends and family in the days leading up to their nuptial ceremony. Typically, weddings have been the domain of photographers who document the wedding and reception with still images.


Sometimes, an engaged couple will decide that they want a video recording of their special day to create more of a living memory that they can share with friends. There are many cute and unique ways that a videographer can capture a wedding ceremony and reception, and a video will look great if the color scheme, venue and other aspects of the wedding are well planned.


Here at The Bleu Studio, we offer New Jersey couples a few intriguing ideas for announcing their weddings to invitees. Along with being skilled photographers, we also have an eye for video as our cinematography section will show you. One of our favorite projects to undertake are wedding trailers, which are short, fun videos that sum up the love that a couple feels for each other.


Given the right resources, these movies can become amazing snippets of action that can get any attendee excited for the big event. Stunning imagery and voiceovers can add a lot of atmosphere to any moving image of the bride and groom-to-be. With some special effects and quirky details, a pair can even use a wedding trailer to give their audience an idea of their separate personalities and how they mesh together. Check out this article published by Salon.com to read more about the interesting nature of wedding trailers and even watch one video that went viral online.


The Bleu Studio wants to make sure that you find a unique and individual way to celebrate the conjoining of spirits that happens on the day of your wedding. To couples in Hoboken and beyond, we provide some of the most stunning and interesting wedding photographer and trailers throughout New Jersey. Call us today and we’ll be happy to talk more about our services.


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