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Is Naked Wedding Photography the Next Big Trend?

NYC wedding photographersNowadays, no one wants a “typical” wedding. For many, typical equals boring. A wedding is a milestone in one’s life. No milestone is the same, so no two weddings should look the same. Makes sense. This mindset, no two weddings should look the same, is infectious and excited couples all over the country are determined to have unique weddings of their own. Whether it is the wedding’s theme or the music, breaking tradition is all the rage.


NYC wedding photographers

These pictures, while aesthetically nontraditional, are still pictures of the bridal party in their dresses. Can we push the envelope?


Brides are always finding interesting ways to buck the stuffy stereotypes of previous generations. Some women don’t want their only memory of this momentous occasion to be dozens of still pictures taken while they’re hidden away behind a white gown. Others prefer a more natural, nude approach. Yes, nude…


Boudoir photography, a style that features nude pictures of a bridal party, has become a fantastic new trend in wedding photography. Although many opt for a clothed form, the whole point of this style of photography is the celebration of the female form. This New York Post article reports that some US photographers have reported a 50 percent increase in this style over the past five years.


Some women used to pose for photo shoots nude prior to their wedding, as a way to create a titillating gift for their husbands. Many bridesmaids or even other girlfriends would come along and sit in on the shoots, providing moral support. Eventually, some bridal parties decided to make the affair a classy celebration, snacking on wine and cheese and creating a tasteful nude group photo to commemorate a special day between a tight-knit bunch.


Although boudoir photography is mainly used for weddings, some women choose it to commemorate birthdays, pregnancies or other important life events. Many parties opt for a makeup artist as well to provide good cosmetics for all participants. Boudoir photography may not be for everyone, but some women who choose not to pose see the finished product and realize its worth as a memento.


A wedding can be a time for traditional tastes as well as a little tasteful mischief. The Bleu Studio can provide stunning boudoir photography that will document your lasting beauty. Contact any of our two offices in Red Bank, NJ, and Wayne, NJ.