Welcome to The Bleu Studio

We love weddings and everything about them!

The fun, the love, the family, the crazy, the excitement, even the tears!
We will not only document the event for you to remember how amazing it was, but we will also take stunning portraits of you and your party.

Knowing how to use the light to make a picture feel the way it felt is what makes us photography and cinematography professionals

All of our photographers have shot hundreds of weddings, if not thousands.

Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life.

It’s a day that you’ll always look back on with fondness and warm feelings.

What is life if you don’t embrace and cherish such special moments?

They are the glue that holds your being together and are unique, meaning that you will never experience the same wedding twice.

Why then would you have plain old wedding photos?

Your wedding is unique and at the Bleu Studio, we understand that, which is why we shoot it as such.

With studios in Wayne, NJ (Passaic County) & Red Bank, NJ (Monmouth County), we also service the surrounding areas such as Bergen County, Union County, and Middlesex County.


Our creative work creates consistent recognition. Year after year!

The Best of Artistic Wedding Photography!

The Bleu Studio is a studio of 5 artists with fashion and commercial backgrounds.
We use a unique and authentic approach to creating classic, modern images of your wedding day.

Through an artistic and photo-journalistic eye, our objective is to document the honesty
and emotion of the special moments you care about.

The end result is a complete story of a day that you will forever remember,
but one that is unique, symbolizing the love between you and your partner.

We treat your wedding photos as high art and hip fashion, using techniques, delicacy,
and reverence to produce photos that not only preserve those special moments but also
fashionable photos that can be considered art, pieces that will dazzle the souls of your family for generations to come.

Some memories can’t be put into words.


Relive your wedding again and again

From Awesome to Perfect

Photo editing is what makes the difference between good images and great images. Got a blemish on your big day? No need to fear. We've got you covered.
We retouch all our images to make sure that every single shot looks its very best, giving you that extra boost of confidence and ensuring your photos will be perfect, just like the ones in your memory.

Wayne, NJ - 973-694-1422
Red Bank, NJ - 732-887-1149