Amazing Wedding Details Both You and Your Photographer Will Love

Amazing Wedding Details Both You and Your Photographer Will Love

When it comes to your wedding day your photographer will be looking for those special touches you and your soon-to-be spouse have incorporated into the big day. While none of these are essential to your wedding, incorporating a few of these special little details into your wedding make the day even more memorable – plus they make for some amazing photo opportunities that you’ll get to treasure forever!

Bride and Bridal Party Getting-Ready Outfits

If you’re planning to have photos taken while you and your bridal party are getting ready, then having pretty or even coordinated getting ready outfits is a must! Choose something that is comfortable, but also easily removed so it won’t mess up your hair or makeup. A button down shirt and shorts set, or custom robes are ideal options that will also look great in photos.

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Personalized Touches to Your Dress or Suit

Perhaps your groom has cufflinks with your wedding date and initials on them. Or maybe you have a piece of your mom’s wedding gown sewn into your own dress or hidden notes on one or both of your shoes. Whatever that secret little touch is, be sure to point it out to your photographer. Some brides choose to wear brightly colored shoes or use a hanky that belonged to their grandma. There are so many ways to incorporate something meaningful into your clothing on the day of your wedding, you may decide to choose more than one!

Wedding Day Letters to Each Other

Many couples choose to write each other letters or cards for the other to read on the morning of your wedding. Of course, this is a private and maybe even an emotional moment, it does make for a stunning photo opportunity for you and your spouse to treasure forever. Since you likely won’t be together when you open these cards and/or gifts, having the photos will give you a sneak peek into their reaction when they read your words to them.

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First look photo

Pre-Wedding Ceremony Moments

Many couples opt to have a first look, which of course your photographer will be present to capture. However, a slightly less popular tradition, but equally as beautiful is a pre-ceremony moment where the bride and groom steal away to say a quick prayer or just enjoy a quiet moment together. Often times couple choose to refrain from seeing each other during this type of moment and will stand back to back or hold hands around a corner. While this might not be a moment you want to be captured on video, a photo of this moment is surely something you’ll love.

Personal Touches at Your Ceremony or Reception

Personal touches at your wedding ceremony can be anything from having a special unity ceremony piece, to incorporating something from your religious or cultural background. At your reception, custom cocktails, a customized cake topper, photos of you and your spouse while dating or as kids, or special traditions like a dance from your religion or culture are just some of the personal touches you can add to your wedding reception. While your photographer will be on the lookout for all the personalized touches you’ve added to your wedding reception it’s a good idea to give them a heads up if grandpa is going to be singing a song or if your mom giving a blessing – whatever it is it’s another one of those special moments you’ll treasure forever.

personalized cake topper

The Getaway

While many couples today end up leaving their reception after their guests have left, some still take advantage of planning a special getaway moment. Whether you have a getaway car that has been decorated by your bridal party or your planning a special exit with sparklers be sure to give a heads up to your photographer so they can plan on being present for the moment.

It’s your photographer’s job to be sure to capture all the special moments of your big day, but if you have a big secret or surprise planned for your guests make sure your photographer is in on the surprise.

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