At The Bleu Studio, Wedding Photos are Unique like Snowflakes

At The Bleu Studio, Wedding Photos are Unique like Snowflakes

As you open your mailbox one morning, you are greeted by a wedding invitation. This does not come as much of a surprise. Your two good friends are getting married. What surprises you though is the wedding venue. The wedding will take place at the New York Aquarium.

Your friends have been very secretive about their wedding, not telling anyone, except for parents and members of the bridal party.

An aquarium, huh? The couple met on a blind date at the New York Aquarium. It is loving karma than that they are solidifying their vows at the same aquarium. For a moment, you feel a pang of jealousy. You have not been lucky in love, but that is a tale for another time…

You think of the wedding photographer. Such a wedding would be a challenge for any photographer. Would he or she rise to the artistic challenge of photographing an aquarium wedding or would they crumble under the pressure and do their best to snap photos that are more traditional?

How can they though? The happy couple will wear wetsuits and scuba gear and take their vows inside a 100,000-gallon shark tank. The plan is to make them and have their vows transmitted over a radio. This particular wedding ceremony is untraditional, artistic even. The wedding photos must reflect this; it is essential. You hope your friends have hired The Bleu Studio

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Unique Wedding Traditions

Nowadays, when it comes to weddings, tradition seems to be flying (literally) out the proverbial window…

Tradition is defined as “a long-established or inherited way of thinking or acting” or “a continuing pattern of culture beliefs or practices.” Weddings, for the most part, have adhered to tradition, with many couples having typical ceremonies and receptions.

Most wedding photographers, by extension, do not think too much outside of the box, taking photos that are indistinguishable from other wedding photos. This is what people expect. But as weddings change, so must wedding photographers. People want wedding photos that stand out, that stand the test of time, all while bucking tradition. After all, we are all unique, with our own feelings and dreams. No two weddings should be the same.

A photographer who understands

We are The Bleu Studio, and welcome to our blog! We understand that each wedding is unique, and it takes both a photojournalistic and artistic eye to capture all the secret magic. Not only are we documenting your wedding in real-time, we are also turning these moments into pieces of art.

We know that weddings evolve, and photographers must follow suit. Although the heart stays the same, tastes change and trends happen.

In the article, “Traditional Wedding Photos Won’t Suffice for Today’s Couples Focusing on Trendy New Ways to Display their love, says,” writes, “Getting creative with wedding photo poses not only jazzes up the wedding album but also adds excitement to the actual photo shoot. […] With a little imagination and collaboration with an inventive photographer, wedding photos can turn from ordinary to extraordinary and truly make memories that last a lifetime.”

That is the goal of any effective wedding photographer, collaborating with the bride and groom and getting creative.

Weddings should be exciting!

A wedding is the gluing together of two hearts. Those friends, IS exciting and extraordinary! If you are looking for a wedding photographer that will capture the idiosyncrasies of your love and family, contact The Bleu Studio. We have two locations: Wayne and Red Bank in New Jersey. We look forward to hearing from you. Remember, the heart is just as unique as any snowflake. Your wedding photos should be the same.

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