Capture each memorable moment of your wedding day with a professional wedding photographer from The Bleu Studio. With strategically located offices in Wayne and Sparta, we service virtually every town in NJ and NY.

What drives us is capturing sincere spontaneity and love in an artful and unique manner. We’re unlike your normal wedding photographer, as art and fashion are our primary influences, so we approach your wedding day almost like a gallery opening.

We won’t just highlight the love and devotion you and your fiancé share; we’ll also capture the beautiful nuances that often go unnoticed. After all, capturing the little details transforms normal photographs into something truly transcendent.

The result? Beautifully balanced and carefully positioned photographs that highlight your special connection. 

Our main package includes the following:

  • Two experienced professional photographers for all-day photography throughout your planned pictures and ceremony
  • All photos/proofs received are edited
  • Online image gallery
  • DVD of your high-resolution pictures

With our advanced editing technology, each photo is guaranteed to be visually perfect, artfully crafted photos that will recall every moment of your special day. Just check out our Galleries page and see for yourself!

If you’re in North Jersey or Central Jersey, and are looking for a wedding photographer, look no further. Contact us here and let us get to work!

Our creative work creates consistent recognition. Year after year!

Wayne, NJ / Sparta, NJ - (973) 406-9919