Wedding Trends

How to Incorporate Your Pet in Your Wedding

Can't imagine walking down the aisle without your favorite 4 legged friend? Do you have a pet that you and your significant other rescued together? Or maybe they have been apart of your childhood, whatever is the reason for having a pet or any animal at your wedding is totally fine! You will be surprised [...]

Millennials are Saying “I don’t” to Diamond Rings

Millennials aren’t getting married as early   Most millennials are not interested in rushing down the altar. The median age for women to get married in 2017 is 27 and 29 for men, this is a huge change from 1960 when the median was 20 for women and 24 for men. According to the Urban [...]

Reasons Why You Should Have the First Look Before Walking Down The Aisle

What is the first look? We all know them and secretly we love them! The infamous first look pictures. The groom crying and the bride wiping away his tears. The peacefully adoring glances before the controlled chaos of their wedding. Meeting and greeting people and not having time to actually eat dinner. These are just a [...]

Is the Garter Bouquet Toss Going Out of Style?

 It’s about time that we moved on from the age-old bouquet toss tradition, where scared-to-be-spinsters claw at each other with all fierceness, as if this were the very last shot that they had at marriage, for sheer comic relief. Don’t even get us started with garter tosses, as ‘removing the garter in front of grandma’ […]

This Holiday Season, Vintage Wedding Photography is All the Rage

Weddings pose an interesting problem for brides who want to record their special day through a series of stunning pictures. The day when a person gets married is one of the most important days of that person’s life, and classic dresses and styles are always in vogue. However, most brides also want to be original […]

The Art of the Winter Wedding

Winter weather is here, but for many brides, the season is just heating up. Picking a winter wedding date may seem a little unusual, but the regal elegance of fresh snow piling atop a church spire may just be the picturesque setting you’ve been seeking. If you’re contemplating a winter wedding, or you’ve already set […]

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