Creative Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Creative Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Your wedding exit is another amazing photo op you don’t want to miss out on. There are so many creative ways to exit your wedding instead of simply walking away once the reception has concluded. Some couples choose to have their celebratory send-off occur after the ceremony to celebrate their marriage prior to entering into the wedding reception. 

Traditionally a grain like rice was thrown at weddings because it symbolizes fertility. Today couples often go outside of tradition and throw other items or opt-out of having their guests throw something altogether and choose an alternative send-off. Here are some of our favorite wedding send-off ideas.

Ribbon Wands

Ribbons are a fun way for your guests to send you and your new spouse after your wedding. You can purchase ribbons that match your wedding colors or if you’re creative this can be a fun DIY project. Another similar option is having streamer cannons which will “blast” you off as you leave your reception. 


Similar to ribbon wands, pom-poms are another inexpensive, colorful and festive way to send off your and your spouse. Again you can purchase these premade from websites like Etsy, or get creative and make them yourself. 

the bleu studio streamer send off

Glow Sticks

A glow stick wedding send-off is a unique way to end the night especially if you are doing your send-off at the end of your reception. You can pass out both glow sticks as well as glow bracelets and necklaces to make the send-off even more festive. Plus, if you are having an after-party the glow sticks will be a perfect addition to the night.

bleu studio bubble send off wedding


Similar to rice, confetti is another popular option for wedding send-offs. It’s advisable to use biodegradable confetti to make it eco-friendly. Websites like Amazon and Esty have tons of options for cute, colorful wedding confetti. Plus, this option makes for fun, whimsical photos!


Sprinkles are similar to confetti but are even more whimsical and fun. This is an especially cute idea if you or your spouse are ice cream lovers. You can get a large, bulk bag from a food supply store or from Amazon. 

Rose Petals

Rose petals are another classic wedding send-off option. This is especially classy and romantic touch for weddings and can be customized to match your wedding color scheme. If you don’t want to use rose petals other small flowers or dried lavender are other great options. 


This is another fun send-off idea, plus it’s one that is very easy to sweep up afterward. Feathers make for a fun photo op and are a very unique option that your guests are sure to love.


Flags are an especially great wedding send-off idea if you or your spouse has served in the military. You can provide your guests with small flags to wave as you leave your ceremony. Or if you’d like you can have custom flags made with phrases like “cheers,” “hooray” or “congrats” written on them.

rose petal send off bleu studio
the bleu studio bubble send off


Bubble exits are another common ceremony or reception exit idea used by many couples. This is an ideal choice for many since you don’t have to sweep up anything afterward. You can hand out mini bottles of bubbles and even get them customized with your names and wedding date.


Sparklers make for a stunning exit from your wedding, plus it will create a spectacular photo-op both you and your guests won’t soon forget! Just be sure to double-check with your venue that they are okay with you using sparkler at their venue.


Mini bells are another creative weddng send-off idea, plus they can perform double duty for guests to use during the reception to encourage the bride and groom to kiss! 

As you plan your ultimate wedding exit be sure to clear your wedding send-off idea with your church or wedding venue to ensure you have a seamless wedding reception send-off!

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