How to Incorporate a Wedding Theme Without Overdoing It

How to Incorporate a Wedding Theme Without Overdoing It

Many couples want to incorporate a theme into their wedding day as a way to display their personal style or likes. This is a great and fun way to make your wedding unique and about who you are as a couple. However, as with anything, too much of something isn’t always a good thing.

We’ve put together some tips on how to create a wedding theme without going overboard.

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Decide On Your Signature Style

Your signature style should be decided on before you begin to incorporate a theme or find ways to represent it. For example, do you want your wedding to be on the more formal side? Or do you prefer a more casual atmosphere? These decisions will heavily impact how your theme is brought into your attire, decor and even food. 

Another note on your signature style – it should be representative of you as a couple. If one or both of you are musicians, it would make sense to represent this part of your life on your wedding day. However, if you’re the kind of couple who is no-frills and never dresses up it would likely be an odd choice for you to have a glitzy, black-tie wedding.

Let The Seasons Guide You

There is such a thing as getting too creative with your theme, which is why using the seasons as a guide can help you greatly. 

For example, if you are getting married in winter and want to have a winter themed wedding you can serve hot cocoa instead of coffee, or choose cool toned colors like blue, white, silver or grey in your decor and attire choices. Fall weddings can make use of sunflowers and pumpkins. While couples getting married in the summer, a garden themed wedding with lots of wildflowers or other in-season blooms is ideal. 

Whatever the season, this is a great way to subtly include a theme in your wedding.

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Don’t Overdo The Theme

Pick and choose the most ideal areas to incorporate your theme. If you are having a garden themed wedding, getting married under an arch covered with seasonal flowers, wearing flowers in your hair and giving away a small plant or seeds for your favor all make sense. What might be confusing to guests is if you gave away hot cocoa kits as favors at a summer wedding – even if it’s your favorite drink!

Favors are a great way to represent who you are as a couple without overdoing your theme – if you’re both coffee aficionados speak to your favorite coffee shop and have them make up small sample size bags you can personalize and give away to guests. 

Food is another subtle way to weave your theme into your wedding. If you don’t like cake, but love ice cream set up an ice cream bar. Or if one of you are from an area with specific regional foods find a caterer who can serve that food instead of traditional wedding fare.

Be Careful of Online Purchases

Yes, it’s probably cheaper to order wedding supplies and decor from an online bulk ordering website, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the same quality. Do your research first and order a sample if you can so you can see the product for yourself. Poor quality decor, even if it coordinates with your wedding theme will always come off in poor taste.

Only Use What’s Necessary

It’s tempting to incorporate your theme into every aspect of the wedding, but the key here is every choice you make should be reflective of you as a couple, not your theme. Get carried away with the theme will turn into a distraction for your guests and take the focus off of you.

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