How to Look and Feel Confident on Your Wedding Day

How to Look and Feel Confident on Your Wedding Day

Most brides-to-be have concerns about how they will look on their wedding day. In fact, it’s totally normal to stress a bit about losing weight and worry about looking your best. The secret to looking and feeling your best isn’t a diet or workout plan, instead, it’s actually about focusing on what makes you feel confident and beautiful. 

Your wedding day should be a time to celebrate your marriage and enjoy spending time with those who have joined you in celebrating. Keeping a positive attitude and outlook is key, so in this blog we’ve put together some tips for keeping a body-positive image so you can feel amazing on your wedding day and love how you look in your wedding photos. 

Learn to Love Your Body Type

This is the most important thing you can do for yourself. While you can lose weight, you can’t change the shape of your body. Learning how to love your body as it is now, will just make you love it, even more, should you lose weight! Don’t focus on what other brides or your friends looked like on their wedding day, focus on yourself and looking your best for you.

Choose a Dress & Accessories That Flatter You

Choosing the right kind of dress or attire is critical to feeling great and confident on your wedding day. Learn what silhouettes work best for your body type and complement your body’s natural curves. Instead of choosing a dress simply based on current fashion trends, first, find a cut of a dress that works best for you, then find one that has features that you love or are perhaps in style.

Another thing to keep in mind is to buy a dress that fits you in the size you are today. It may be tempting to buy a smaller-sized dress and just plan to lose weight to fit into it, but if you don’t succeed you’ll be forced to pay for costly alterations to expand to let out your dress. Instead of putting that level of pressure on yourself select your correct size at the time of your purchase. The stress you’ll avoid will be worth it!

Another thing to keep in mind about your attire is your accessories. For example, a belt can create a more flattering silhouette on certain body types. Or, if you have a love for earrings, the right pair can give you the boost of confidence you’re looking for!

looking your best on your wedding day

Choose Your Shopping Partners Wisely

When it comes time to go wedding dress shopping, avoid bringing people who you know won’t make your experience positive. The people you gather for this exciting shopping experience should be made up of the people who are going to champion you and will help you find the dress that makes you shine. Choose people who will give you real feedback about what looks best on you and will make the shopping experience fun and not stressful.

Stop Stressing About What You’re Eating

Diets and weddings tend to usually go hand in hand. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to lose some weight before the big day, be careful not to get overly stressed about it. Not only will it put a damper on your mindset leading up to your wedding, but the added stress might prevent you from losing weight or even cause you to pack on pounds instead! Plus you’ll go into your wedding day feeling poorly about your body which will impact your confidence. Instead of partaking in a toxic diet culture, learn to eat healthy foods that you enjoy and find what works for you.

Refrain From Over-Exercising

Similar to not stressing too much over your diet, you want to make sure you don’t overdo it on your exercise routine. The right fitness routine will leave you feeling strong and confident. If you’re feeling weak or worn down after your workouts, consider finding something else. Choose a workout that is enjoyable to you and something you want to continue doing even after your wedding day has past.

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