How to Incorporate Your Pet in Your Wedding

How to Incorporate Your Pet in Your Wedding

Can’t imagine walking down the aisle without your favorite 4 legged friend? Do you have a pet that you and your significant other rescued together? Or maybe a pet that has been apart of your childhood. Whatever the reason is – having a pet or any animal at your wedding is totally fine!

You will be surprised to see how many couples want to incorporate their fur-baby into the mix of the ceremony. The sky’s the limit when it comes to having your at your wedding. You’ll need to include your pet into the overall planning to make sure everything is okay for your pup (or other animal) to figure out the best way to incorporate your pet into wedding activities. It may be an addition to your list, but it will all be worth it at the end!

Have your pup help you with the proposal!

You can’t plan a wedding without a proposal! Get your fur baby in on the fun and memories by incorporating them into the proposal. Just make sure to have a photographer on standby to capture the adorable moment.

Let them make your engagement photos even more memorable!

Want to do something different for your engagement photos? Simply hang a light sign around their neck or have them sit next to a sign that announces your engagement and or the ‘save the date’. 

paw prints

Give them the special title of “ring barrier”!

Your favorite pet can strut down the aisle with a sign that says “Here comes Mom”, they walk down the aisle with the flower girl, or even hold the rings for you! For an added touch of cuteness have him or her wear a tux or a flower crown.

Include them on your cake topper!

Another creative way to include your pet into your wedding day is by having a custom cake topper made with you, your significant other, and your puppy!

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