Planning Your Bridal Shower – Ten Ideas

It’s the traditional bridal shower only with a refreshing spin. Let’s talk some fun bridal shower ideas that you can use:


  • Cooking classes: Including cooking classes taught by a professional chef as a part of the bridal shower, is a great idea if the bride-to-be is a foodie. It is not only an interesting experience for all the guests, but also a chance to sample some delicious food!
  • Bartending lessons: This bridal shower idea is in fact very similar to the cooking class one, only it’s about bartending lessons instead of cooking lessons. The guests learn to mix up some interesting cocktails, and conversation should flow easy after!
  • Charity donations: If the soon-to-be wed couple has a charity that they support, you can have guests come in with donations instead of the usual presents during the bridal shower. This of course, works best with couples who have already moved in with each other, and have all the traditional gifts that they would receive at a shower at their disposal.
  • Pot-luck: Now isn’t it funny that we have so many food-themed bridal shower ideas running? Of course, if you are organizing a bridal shower with pot-luck you want to check if the guests don’t mind pitching in. This idea works best, when it’s just a close-knit group that is catching up for the shower. Little thing to make note of, make sure you have a back-up plan in case one of the lasagnes turns out to be burnt, or there isn’t enough food for everyone.
  • Spa day: If a bridal shower is what it takes to get a surprise mani/pedi, facial or a massage, then so be it! What’s not to love about the idea! If the spa professionals make house calls then that’s great, else you may want to see how big a party the spa accommodates, before jotting down the guest list.
  • Holiday bridal shower: No doubt, we’ve seen a lot of bridal showers happen in the bride’s favorite restaurant or a club, but nothing comes as close to fun as a holiday bridal shower. Just pick a weekend when everyone’s free and take off to a destination that’s been on everyone’s travel lists.
  • Tea party: This one is a classic bridal shower theme, that traditionalist brides love! Of course there is no harm in asking everyone to come in all dressed up, with gloves, hats and et al! Did someone just say tea-tasting?
  • Bridal/ Groom shower: Break the rules, and throw a shower for both of them, and if the couple is the sorts who usually do things together, they will love the idea! Of course this also means there will be a bigger list of guests, and you will have to organize games that involves both parties!
  • Bridal shower games: What’s a bridal shower without some games that break the ice; you can have classic games like Bridal Bingo or I Knew Her When at the shower. You can even try poetry games where each guest pens down a line on a piece of paper and passes it onto the next person. Once everyone’s done the poem is read out aloud.
  • DIY bridal shower: If the bride is a creative individual she will absolutely love the idea of a DIY shower. Get some paint out and have all the guests paint a canvas, or one of the walls in the home that they will be moving into. You can even get some arts and crafts out so everyone makes wedding-themed creations, and each guest hands their craftswork to a different guest at the end of the shower.
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