This Holiday Season, Vintage Wedding Photography is All the Rage

This Holiday Season, Vintage Wedding Photography is All the Rage

Weddings pose an interesting problem for brides who want to record their special day through a series of stunning pictures. The day when a person gets married is one of the most important days of that person’s life, and classic dresses and styles are always in vogue. However, most brides also want to be original and stay on top of the newest trends. These two ideas can meld together thanks to vintage wedding styles.

 Vintage styles from the 1950s and ‘60s hold a definite sway among wedding planners currently. As this blog post from Bustle is quick to point out, the Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page styles of that era can be seen in a wide array of contemporary film, music, and fashion. There are thriving online retail operations, like ModCloth and Pinup Girl Clothing, which specialize almost entirely on these styles.

Simplicity, it’s all the rage right now!

Photographers have been seeing a huge increase in requests for vintage photography, for wedding photos and many other types of portraiture. Styles from the mid-1900s have been a favorite among these requests, likely because of the ease of incorporating those styles. The makeup is fairly minimal, relying mainly on lipstick and eyeliner. The pinup dresses and other clothing styles of the era are also much easier to don than wedding gowns from other vintage periods.

The wedding couple photo

Wedding Couple

For some photographers who used to dabble in vintage photography but were discouraged by low customer requests, vintage work now makes up a majority of what they do on a daily basis. One British photographer quoted in the above blog post says that vintage is easily 60 percent of her work currently, even though almost no one asked for these styles just a few years ago.


Not only is the 1950s style easy to slip into, but it suggests a kind of purity and old time values that many brides want to show off to their guests on the wedding day. Here at The Bleu Studio, we are equipped to handle your vintage wedding photos or other styles you want to incorporate into your wedding. Call us today to schedule a consultation for your New Jersey wedding photos.

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