Trendy Weddings Need Trendy Photographers

Trendy Weddings Need Trendy Photographers

Planning a wedding can be a very difficult experience because of the desire of every bride and groom to keep up with trends for the reception, marriage ceremony and more.

Should you offer traditional diner fare, or can you switch it up with vegan and organic options?

What kind of decor are others using from across the world to create the most visually stunning weddings?

Aside from wedding magazines and expensive consultants, it’s very difficult for couples to find out popular wedding options on their own.

Do your research!

The tiniest choice can affect the entire look of a wedding, which will reflect on any work returned to you by a wedding photographer. No bride wants to look at her wedding pictures only to realize that the fashion and decor could have been a lot fresher and up-to-date. Thankfully, one website has given couples from all over a chance to research trends by analyzing wedding announcements from one of the premier American newspapers: The New York Times.

walking with husbandWedding Crunchers Database

The wedding planning website has recently made an online tool available for soon-to-be brides that search through a database of wedding announcement and write-up information from that newspaper, going back to at least 1981.

Using this tool, couples can see what kind of popular choices exist for reception dinners and gift registry choices, among other things.

The wedding analysis tool offered by can go into even more detail about marriage data, even returning analysis on various background details about brides and grooms. For instance, this tool will return graphs detailing what the most popular occupations among spouses are, or even how many wedded individuals were involved in volunteer opportunities like the Peace Corps.

A lot of this information may be intriguing but won’t significantly alter the atmosphere of your wedding. However, you might discover a few things that you hadn’t been thinking of before, such as whether you should offer a fish option for dinner or what color schemes you may want to consider.


When you’re able to make choices about your wedding that feel a lot more personal than what a consultant or a magazine might try to force-feed you, you’ll end up with an event which you’ll treasure the memory of for years. The Bleu Studio will help you document the story of your wedding day with stunning pictures displaying the images, food and guests you chose to share your special day with.

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