Learn More About The Wedding Cake: In a Flash

Learn More About The Wedding Cake: In a Flash

What Does a Wedding Cake Symbolize?

Most weddings are built around traditions. In, ancient Roman times, wedding ceremonies ended with a cake of wheat being broken and crumbled over the brides head. This action was performed to give good luck.

Wedding cakes themselves symbolize good luck and fertility. Anyone who eats this cake is said to also receive the benefits of luck. The reason why most wedding cakes are so special and made with the best quality ingredients is to symbolize a long-lasting marriage full of happiness and wealth.

Traditionally, the bride must cut the cake first to ensure good fortune in the marriage, but nowadays his or her partner will also grasp the knife to help the cutting of the cake. Because getting married is a partnership this now indicates that both of them will share all fortunes in the future.

Other traditions of the cake that most people don’t know about are that the bride will leave a slice of cake aside to ensure her husband will remain faithful to their marriage. The top tier of the cake is saved for the cake they will use for their future children’s christening cake. Unmarried women at the wedding should save a piece of the cake and place it under their pillows for good luck in finding their future partners.

When Should We Pick Out Our Wedding Cake?

6 – 12 months before your wedding date. Depending on where you decide to get the cake is very important in when to order. Smaller bakeries have limited availabilities so we suggest snagging your date as soon as possible! 

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When Should We Cut the Wedding Cake?

Back in the day, cutting the cake signaled wedding guests that the reception was coming to an end. Nowadays couples decide to do it after guests have finished eating their dinner and have walked about and mingled with everyone. It doesn’t matter what time the couple decides to cut their cake but keep in mind many guests may interpret the cake cutting as a signal that this is the last special event of the evening. 

Photography wise, the sooner the happy couple cuts the cake the more of a chance that their photographer will capture pictures of the moment! Remeber depending on the time scheduled out for the photographer to schedule all moments within that timeframe. 

What if We Don’t Want a Wedding Cake?

No cake? No problem! Sometimes traditions are there to be broken. Macaroons, donuts, cupcakes, whatever kind of dessert your heart desires will be fine!  Even if you don’t like dessert talk to your caterer about other options. Just as long as you are happy with your decision everything will fall into place.

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