Wedding Trends in USA – Traditional to Weird

Wedding Trends in USA – Traditional to Weird

While brides-to-be are no less enamored with Pinterest than they were in years past, it’s clear today, brides want to add their own twist on other people’s ideas. From where to say, “I do” to what to wear while saying it, we’ve outlined some of the top trending wedding styles in the United States. We’ve also highlighted a few of the weird wedding traditions and unique ways that marrying couples are tying the knot. 


Wedding Transportation Trends

Over the seas…

Couples near a water way are drifting off in romance — on a yacht or speed boat.

Forgo the chauffeur

Those newlyweds who prefer to escape alone are choosing to go about it in style — on a tandem bicycle, motorcycle, golf cart or Vespa.


Not only do vintage vehicles provide an ultra-elegant means of getting to and from the ceremony, it also offers a stunning backdrop for photos. Though a Rolls-Royce will always be popular, many couples are opting for something with a bit more spice — a rustic pick-up truck, a vibrant VW, or an antique Volkswagen beetle, for instance.


There are few ways to make an entrance (or exit) than doing it by air. Wave goodbye to guests and say hello to the sky!


Bride and bridesmaids around blue vintage truck
The Bleu Studio


Wedding Food Trends

Alternative desserts

Couples are straying away from the typical, traditional wedding cake and are instead spoiling guests with a range of sweets, most notably ice cream delicacies.

Food trucks

With a nod toward choice and casual, newlyweds are opting to feed their guests from food trucks ranging from tacos to burgers.

Wedding Decoration Trends


While the tradition of decorating with flowers isn’t fading, the arrangements chosen is ever-evolving. When it comes to American weddings, couples are opting for whatever is in season and whatever is local. Freshly plucked blossoms are preferred, with spiked flowers and fruiting vines sprinkled into more traditional bouquets. Many people are using food elements, such as coffee beans and aromatic herbs. Small fruits and vegetables are occasionally tossed in for an extra boost of color. Alternately, a money-saving option is to decorate bare branches with shiny jewels and crepe-paper flowers.


With the exception of silver, metallic colors are becoming all the rage when it comes to weddings. Couples are choosing centerpieces anchored in industrial canisters; bridesmaids dresses sparkle, and metallic hues shine overhead.

Wedding Themes


Nature-inspired venues and decorations are becoming trendy. National parks are a common backdrop for exchanging vows. Likewise, low-key barn weddings, complete with paper lanterns, branches, and hay bales, are filling photo albums.


Engaged couples are taking inspiration from a variety of sources, including children’s books and movies, carnivals and circuses. Think Vibrant colors, swirls, mixed media decor and lopsided wedding cakes.


Though going vintage is hardly new, it is still a trend going strong. Many couples incorporate family heirlooms into the decor, as well as antiques and old-world items. 


Pure romance is paramount to many marrying couples these days. Hanging lanterns adorn trees, flower petals align the walkway, chandeliers that drip crystals hang overhead. 

Wedding Dress Trends

Dipped V-lines

A balance between the innocent sweetheart neckline and sexy plunging one.


Brides are finding the allure of a hint of color appealing. No longer confined to the stark white, shades of blush, lavender, and rose are making their way to the chapel.


We all have our distinct expectations when it comes to weddings. Whether we walk down an aisle and, if so, who accompanies us, to the words spoken, the clothing worn and music played. Here are some distinct traditions from various cultures that people in the United States often fuse into their wedding.


  • Jewish: Stepping on glass after the ceremony for good luck;
  • Indian: The bride’s family will try to steal the groom’s shoes on the day of the wedding while the groom’s family tries to protect them;
  • Mexican: Live mariachi music is played during the reception;
  • Islam: The bride and groom share a piece of sweet fruit. If the men and women are separated during the ceremony, however, a male representative acts on the bride’s behalf during this tradition;
  • Scottish: To show that they can handle marriage, Scottish brides are often subjected to her friends throwing the most disgusting things possible at the bride-to-be and then tying her to a tree.

Whether you seek inspiration or a simple desire to satisfy curiosity, the wedding trends of the last few years are intriguing. There doesn’t seem to be one trend that stands out, underscoring the tendency toward individuality and creativity.

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