What to Wear for Your Engagement Session: A Guide to the Best Couple Photo Outfits

What to Wear for Your Engagement Session: A Guide to the Best Couple Photo Outfits

Engagement photos are a great way to document your love and excitement while celebrating your upcoming nuptials. When planning your engagement photo session, you want to put your best foot forward—which means having a plan for what you’ll wear! 

The best outfits for engagement photos should reflect your personality and your relationship, so we’ve put together some ideas for what to wear for your engagement session. Ultimately, you and your love-to-be should wear comfortable clothes that represent your personality. If you’re not sure what to wear for an engagement shoot, try asking yourself a few questions to determine your perfect outfit:


  • What season is it?
  • What’s the weather forecast?
  • What’s your style? Fun, serious, laid-back, or classic?
  • What sort of setting do you want to take your photos in?


Now that you have answered these questions, it is time to start planning your look!


Casual Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas 

If your engagement session is going to be outside, then casual outfits are the way to go; this is a time to let your hair down and be yourselves. If you’re trying to keep it simple, try wearing a floral dress with sandals or flats and a white button-up shirt with dark jeans or chinos accentuated with a pair of brown boots and a belt. Make sure the dress isn’t too short or long—you don’t want any awkward wardrobe malfunctions!

Another idea for casual engagement photos is a cute lace top and t-shirt paired with denim jeans. Add cute wedges or sandals with bows and a nice pair of shoes for the groom-to-be, and you’ll be all set to go!


Formal Engagement Photo Outfits

Some couples take their engagement photo session as an opportunity to dress formally. If you want to keep it simple, consider going for a classic look in a solid color. You can’t go wrong with black or white—they’re classic options that are easy to mix and match with other clothing items you already own.

A buttoned-up blouse or dress is a great option for the bride-to-be, and this look works well with a pair of heels or flats. The groom can wear a suit, a tuxedo, or a white shirt and tie, giving him a more formal look without being too stuffy or over-the-top fancy.


Seasonal Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

When choosing what clothes to wear for seasonal engagement photos, it’s important to consider how the weather will be on the day of your shoot and what type of mood you want to convey in your images. 


Fall Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Fall is a great season for bright colors—reds and oranges are excellent choices for engagement photos! If you’re getting married in the fall, consider wearing sweaters and hoodies, scarves and hats, jeans and sweaters (or a combination of all). 

Sweaters and hoodies provide a classic cozy, warm look that looks great on everyone. A classic scarf-and-hat combo is also an excellent option for autumn engagement photos. It’s easy to find scarves in bold colors and patterns this time of year, so you can put together an outfit that matches your personality while still being appropriate for your session. Jeans and sweaters also provide a fun, casual look that allows you to be yourself while still looking stylish. 


Winter Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Winter engagement photo outfits are the perfect way to show off your love in the cold weather. There are so many ways to make your winter engagement photos stand out—you could go with a theme, like snowmen, or get into the holiday spirit by wearing Christmas sweaters. 

A sweater dress and sweater combination with jeans will keep you warm while looking great! You could also wear a sweater or jacket with a scarf. Choose a neutral color, so it doesn’t distract from your outfit, but pick something soft and cozy to wrap around yourself when you’re getting ready for your shoot.

If you want extra warmth, consider wearing tall boots or knee-high boots with socks underneath them. This will keep your legs warm without limiting them too much movement-wise during your shoot! Fur vests are another excellent option for winter engagement photos because they are warm but fashionable! They also make great accessories and can be worn by both the bride and groom. 


Spring Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Spring is a great time to wear light colors such as pink, mint green pastels, whites, and faded blues. You can’t go wrong with a classic white button-down shirt, jeans, and sneaker look. This outfit is great because it’s comfortable and easy to move around, making it perfect for adventurous locations or photos that reflect your favorite activities, like hiking or biking.

A flowy dress and sandals for the ladies work exceptionally well if you’re shooting outdoors. We love this look because it’s feminine without being too traditional. For the men, khakis and a button-down shirt with loafers (or sneakers) complement this look well. This outfit choice will give your pictures a timeless feel that looks great anywhere from city streets to country fields!


Summer Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Summer is all about bright colors, so it’s an excellent opportunity to try wearing some red or yellow or an all-white outfit with pops of color in accessories like belts or shoes. It’s also a great time for beach-themed engagement photos.

If you’re going for a casual look, try a combination of dressy shorts and a t-shirt. You can wear a button-down shirt to make this outfit more formal. If you’re going in the water, choose shorts with a higher waistline. 

For guys, button-down shirts are a great choice because they’re comfortable and easy to move around. For something more formal, consider jeans and a blazer. A simple, flowy dress is perfect for girls when you want a casual look with just enough style to show off your personality. You could also try adding a cardigan if it’s chilly out—it’s always good to have options when shooting in different environments! 

The key to a great photo shoot is getting in touch with what it means to be a couple and expressing yourselves as individuals while also being together. You can choose an outfit that represents who you are as an individual but also makes sense when combined with your partner’s outfit. It’s all about finding something special for each of you—and then putting it together into one amazing photo shoot!



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