What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Drone Photographer for Your Wedding

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Drone Photographer for Your Wedding

Drone photography has become increasingly popular for weddings and other special occasions. Many couples love the idea of getting a fun aerial shot of their wedding, especially if they are having their ceremony outdoors. However, before you go and hire a drone photographer at your wedding or ask a friend to use theirs to capture some images, keep reading.  

Consider Safety First

Before hiring anyone to take drone photos on your wedding day, you need to ensure that the drone operator is professionally and properly trained to operate the drone. If not, there are risks involved especially if an accident should occur. The drone pilot should have an established safety plan, insurance, knowledge of how to operate the vehicle, and how to coordinate with the venue managers, wedding photographers and the couple.

Get the Proper Insurance

Drone operators, like any other wedding vendor, should have personal property and liability insurance for a commercial unmanned aerial vehicle. Insurance is important in case something or someone gets hit or injured by the drone. This way the operator is covered and the damaged object will be repaired.

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Be Mindful of the Weather

Seasons don’t matter when it comes to using a drone since they fly just as well in cold weather as they do in warmer weather. What does matter is the weather conditions on your wedding day. While this should be an obvious point if there are high winds, snow, or rain on your wedding day you should immediately nix drone photography. It’s always better to play it safe than take a risk.

Only Use Them Outdoors

Even though drones are small and technically could fit inside they should only be used outdoors. Even if your venue has a high ceiling it’s not worth the risk of having someone operate the drone inside.

Don’t Take Any Close-Ups

Leave the close-ups to your wedding photographer and wedding videographer. Drones should be used for those unique overhead aerial shots of your ceremony, or you and your new spouse during outdoor photos.

Keep in mind that drones are loud and can become a disruption, especially during your ceremony and discuss the times you plan to have the drone in operation.

Pros of Drone Wedding Photography

Drone photography and videography can offer a unique perspective of your wedding that no one else can achieve for you. It can capture an aerial view of your walk down the aisle, a cool behind-the-scenes perspective of you and your spouse posing for your wedding photos or a fun way to capture guests mingling during your cocktail hour.

If you do decide to hire a drone photographer for your wedding be sure to first discuss your plan with your wedding photographer, videographer and the banquet manager at your New Jersey wedding venue. By taking extra precautions you can capture unique photos and videos from your big day!

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