Will You Trash Your Wedding Dress on the Big Day?

Will You Trash Your Wedding Dress on the Big Day?

A wedding is a very personal event that everyone will want to commemorate in their own singular way. Some people approach the event from an avant-garde standpoint, creating some unique trends that fly in the face of antiquated traditions.

One of these is known as “trash the dress” photography, a style that finds artistic expression in the destruction of one of marriage’s most sacred symbols.

The pristine nature of a bride’s wedding dress has long been a symbol of purity and so much care is taken by brides to find the absolute perfect gown for their special day. Whether it’s a reaction to the extreme pressure surrounding this one piece of clothing, or a shabby chic sensibility in art, tearing and distressing the wedding gown fabric is sometimes used for photo shoots after the wedding.

A trash the dress photo shoot certainly isn’t for everyone; many brides will want to maintain their wedding dress in great condition for as long as possible. However, the style does create some engaging photography. The sight of an elegant gown that has been tattered and draped over a body is a stirring image that draws much more attention than a traditional wedding portrait. If you are considering trash the wedding dress photos your dress photo shoot, keep reading.

Why ruin a perfectly new dress?

Brides choose to take photos wearing a distressed gown for a number of personal reasons. Some might like the bohemian beauty that can be found in a natty, tattered gown.

Others see the opportunity to trash your dress as a breaking free from stodgy old traditions in weddings and marriages that have held sway for centuries.

Women who are going through divorces also choose to do a trash the dress photoshoot as a way to find closure on their past relationship. They may look back on these trash the dress photos as a way to move forward.  


Some women have said that this style of photography denigrates marriage and mocks the entire institution. Again, the decision to shoot your wedding photos in whatever style you want is your right as a bride. These days, we take a much different look at marriages than generations past. Maybe this style of destructive photography says much about how we view the traditional symbols surrounding weddings.

If you have a unique artistic expression that you want to explore in your wedding photos, you need a photographer who understands your perspective. The Bleu Studio wedding photographers will bring an experienced and creative eye to your ceremony and create artistic trash wedding dress photos.




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