2020 Wedding Trends to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

2020 Wedding Trends to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

While many wedding trends are timeless and work regardless of the decade or season, there are many new wedding trends that emerge each year. This year it’s anticipated that brides will be using lots of bold colors in their color schemes. Another 2020 wedding trend includes statement accents like unique ceremony aisles and unique food and beverage choices. Couples are going to make their wedding their own choosing colors that reflect their personalities regardless of the season. 

If you are looking for some new, fresh ideas to add the finishing touch to your big day, keep reading: 

Green Weddings

No, we don’t mean literally using the color green, but rather planning an eco-friendly weddings. Also known as sustainable weddings, couples are upcycling products for their weddings and striving to have zero waste or lessen the carbon footprint their wedding has. Practically this looks like repurposing ceremony flowers for the reception, sourcing locally grown food and hiring green vendors.  

Micro Weddings 

This wedding trend isn’t exactly new, but this may be a term many people are unfamiliar with. A micro wedding is a smaller less than 40 person celebration. This isn’t a budget wedding though – rather couples are inviting fewer people but spending more per head and creating an elaborate wedding experience for close family and friends. Think elaborate meals like a tasting menu with wine pairing, and customized favors tailored to each person.  

Inclusive Menus 

With so many people suffering from allergies or having specific dietary needs due to personal, ethical or religious reasons many couples are being more thoughtful about inclusivity when it comes to the menu. One way to do this is by offering a wide variety of dishes and drinks that ensure every dietary need is met.   

grazing table for wedding

Grazing tables

While Viennese Hours were (and are) a popular wedding add-on couples this year are creating a savory option and creating a grazing table. Think a variety of cheeses, breads, crackers, meats, nuts, chocolates and dried fruits spread across a long table for guests to literally “graze” off of while the night winds down.

Spirited Cocktails

This year gin is still going to be a popular spirit to use in drinks or on its own. A new twist on drinks for 2020 however, will include fizzy drinks like sparkling waters, champagnes, and prosecco. 

Self-Serve Refreshments

This trend works best for garden weddings, or DIY type weddings that aren’t being held at a traditional reception venue. Self-serve refreshments aren’t referring to coolers full of drinks for guests to grab but more like wall-mounted drink dispensers, a DIY drink bar with lots of fun garnishes.

Statement Wedding Decor  

There’s really no rules for this trend except to strive to hit that “wow” factor. Rather than going for lots of little touches splurge for a stunning ceremony altar, bold floral centerpiece or a firework sendoff. Bonus points if you can create a statement that also reflects you both as a couple. 

Edible Florals 

Edible flowers are the perfect trend to use in a spring or summer 2020 wedding. Try freezing them into ice-cubes, using them in salads, or added to desserts. Not only will they add a romantic feel to the wedding, but they are a unique food trend all of your foodie guests will love!  

creative lighting for wedding

Creative Lighting

Good lighting is a trend that isn’t going away, but in 2020 your lighting should make a statement. This can be anything from custom uplighting to LED bars to twinkle lights. Play with different lighting effects in different areas like twinkle lights by the cake and LED lighting for the dance floor.  

Dressed To Impress 

When it comes to menswear for weddings black is continuing to take a backseat in favor of using shades of blue. From a sharp navy blue suit to bright blue neckties, pocket squares or socks blue is the color of the year for men.  

Regal Fashion

When it comes to the women, the trends for 2020 bridal wear is borrowing from the past. Expect to see bridal fashion that incorporates royal undertones like big ball gowns, as well as wedding dresses with lots of embellishments and lace. Brides will be using hair accessories pearls, rhinestones, and colorful gemstones to create a soft, natural style.  

Trending Hues

Color is going to be one of the biggest trends of 2020 weddings. Colors like mint, yellow, rich earthy hues, faded denim blues and more to be showing up at weddings this year.  

Mixed and Matched Tables 

This trend frees couples up to get creative with seating for the reception. Mix high tops, long farmhouse tables, round tables, and any other type of seating you can think of to create a fun atmosphere. This is a perfect trend for outdoor and DIY weddings.  

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