How to Make It Look Like You Thought of Everything At Your Wedding

How to Make It Look Like You Thought of Everything At Your Wedding

Whether you’re in the midst of wedding planning or just beginning you already know how much you have to consider. The wedding venue, ceremony location, officiant, photographer, limo, bridal party, and wedding dress are just some of the details you need to consider. While these are the big important details, there are many little details you need to consider as well. Here is a list of important wedding details you don’t want to miss. 

Directions & Proper Signage

Most reception venues will provide you with direction cards to place into your wedding invitations which makes providing your guests with directions easy. However, in the event, they don’t this is a detail you don’t want to miss. Regardless of the fact that most people will rely on their mobile phones to directions, there’s always going to be some people who prefer regular directions – plus if service isn’t great in the area they may not be able to rely on their phones.

Then at the venue, it’s important to use proper signage guiding guests to the ceremony site, reception room, bathrooms, and any other areas they should know about. A welcome sign letting guests know they have arrived at the right place is also important. 

A Stunning First Impression

Just like in anything first impressions count! That’s why making a stunning first impression on your guests matters. You can make a personalized entryway for them to feel welcomed. This could have a welcome drink, ceremony program, and escort cards for seating at the reception. 

If they’re available having bridesmaids and groomsmen on hand to welcome guests is another way to make an impressive welcome for your guests. 

Unique escort cards are another way to make a great first impression on your guests. This is an opportunity to incorporate your theme or have them double as your favor if you use something like a candle, sweet treat, or miniature bottle of wine.

A Guest Book

While a guest book is likely already on your to-do list, it’s important to put some thought into this detail. Simply placing a book and pen on a table is often not enough to get all of your guests to sign the guest book. 

If you make the guest book more enticing however and make it interactive guests will be more inclined to sign it. One idea is making a photo guestbook by leaving a polaroid camera nearby for guests to take a photo of themselves before signing. You can also ask guests to leave a bit of marriage advice or a date night idea. 

Another option in lieu of a guestbook is to have guests sign a photo of the two of you or have a wedding guest dropbox where guests can sign a small token and drop it into a memory box. 

Make Sure There is Adequate Lighting

The right lighting is important for creating a romantic atmosphere. It can cause a large space feel intimate, it can be used to highlight decor, and create a ceiling effect when strung together. There are a lot of options to choose from twinkle lights, string lights, Edison bulbs, and candles. You can just choose one or mix and match to get your desired effect.

Decorate More Than Just the Tables

Of course, table arrangements are important, but so are other areas like the gift table, card table, cake table, and bar. All of these places are opportunities to add some color and use some personalized decor. The bar, for example, is a great place to put up a cute sign indicating your wedding hashtag. These are all great places to add photos of you and your new spouse from your dating years. 

Create Stylish Menu Cards

Menu cards are an important detail you don’t want to miss. Unless you’re having a buffet dinner, it will be difficult for guests to hear their waiter list out the dinner options. Save everyone the trouble by adding in this detail and have menu cards on each table. 

If you want to save a little money, you can just make two or three for each table instead of placing one at every seat. 

Entertain the Kids

This does not mean hiring entertainment for the little ones at your wedding. Rather, if you know there are going to be some little kids at your wedding plan ahead and create some activity packets for them to use to keep them occupied during moments they may otherwise get bored. Ensuring they are entertained will prevent kids from acting out and potentially disrupting an important moment like your ceremony or wedding toasts. 

An activity bag with crayons, an activity book and a piece of candy or two will go a long way and make the little ones and their parents happy.

Have Great Favors

Favors are typically your guests last impression of your wedding so be sure to make it count. An edible treat like donuts, cookies, or even wine are popular choices. If you don’t want to do something edible you can give candles, succulents, or seed packets. For a personalized touch, try tying your favor into your theme or choosing something personal to the two of you. 

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