Improving Your Body Language In Photos

Improving Your Body Language In Photos

Since a photograph cannot capture your voice or what you are thinking at the moment, your body language must be able to convey how you’re feeling in a photograph. Body language can convey confidence and communicate non-verbal cues when done correctly. It’s common, however, for people to unconsciously communicate through their body language something they are not realizing they are communicating at that moment. Crossing your arms, for example, can convey feelings of being closed off or even angry.

On a daily basis, this is not an issue, however, when you are posing for photographs, especially for wedding photographs, you want to communicate how you are feeling in that moment as best as possible. While your wedding photographer will help pose you for your wedding photographs, we’ve put together some body language tips for making posing during a photo session a breeze.

Stand Up Straight

This tip is super important! Learning how to stand properly makes a big difference in your wedding photographs. Slouched or hunched shoulders will photography terribly and make you wish you had stood up straight in your photographs. Here’s how to stand up straight:

Place your weight primarily on the balls of your feet with your knees slightly bent. Your feet should be approximately shoulder-width apart. You should stand straight and tall with your shoulders pulled backward and tuck (not suck!) your stomach in. To keep your head level your earlobes should be in line with your shoulders. Be careful not push your head forward, backward, or to the side.

It’s a good idea to practice standing (and sitting) with good posture prior to your wedding day so it becomes natural a thing for you to do and not appear forced.

Learn How to Smile

Obviously, you know how to smile, however, many people seemingly forget how to smile naturally in photos due to nerves. The trick to smiling for real in photos in ensuring it is a genuine smile. Focus on your wedding day, your new spouse or anything that makes you feel happy, take a deep breath and smile. A real smile will reach your eyes and won’t simply be a mouth movement. Once you find the thing that helps create a genuine smile, think of that for each picture to ensure your smile is perfect.

Engage Your Eyes

Your eyes are another important body part when it comes to wedding photography. For example, if you are taking a photo looking at your spouse be sure to gaze lovingly into their eyes instead of just staring at them. Also, similar to the tip above, make sure you smile with your eyes when smiling for a photograph.

Don’t Be Afraid of What Feels Weird

Sometimes a photographer will pose you in a way that might feel weird. Maybe it’s an angle you wouldn’t normally stand in, or place your hands or feet. Whatever it is, trust your photographer’s instincts and let them pose you. They have an understanding of how to pose couples to get the most flattering photographs, even when they don’t feel natural. If this should happen to you, stay relaxed and don’t let yourself tense up. When you receive your final wedding photos, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how what may have felt “weird” in the moment created a stunning wedding portrait!

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Recognize Any Discomfort

If at any point you begin to feel uncomfortable in your photos, you can be sure it will show up on camera. Often times discomfort will show up as tension on your face, tense poses, tight, forced smiles and strained faces. If you begin to notice signs of discomfort take a moment and do some breathing exercises to relax. Drop your shoulders, relax your smile, and release any tension in your stance. By making simple adjustments to your state of being to help relax will make a noticeable difference in your photos. Instead of focusing on the photos themselves, try to focus on your new spouse and the excitement of your wedding day. If the reason you feel uncomfortable is that you don’t know how to stand or where to place your hands, speak up! Your photographer will be able to help pose you and put you at ease when it comes to your pictures.

Display Affection

Consider how you display affection to your spouse on an everyday basis. Do you place your hand on their chest? Cup her face when you kiss? Do you lean your head on his shoulder or chest? When taking your wedding photos this is an ideal time to display affection to your spouse as you would normally. Since this is how you already show affection it will come across as natural and unposed in photographs.

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Discover Your “Good” Side

Having a good side isn’t a myth. While both sides of your face are beautiful, it is likely that you prefer having photographs taken from a particular side. To figure out your best side simply practice ahead of time by taking selfies and learning which side you prefer the most. Then on your wedding day, you will already know how to pose with your good side. If you can master your good side, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable which will come across in all of your photos. 

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