Is the Garter Bouquet Toss Going Out of Style?

Is the Garter/Bouquet Toss Going Out of Style? What Are Some Alternatives?

 It’s about time that we moved on from the age-old bouquet toss tradition, where scared-to-be-spinsters claw at each other with all fierceness, as if this were the very last shot that they had at marriage, for sheer comic relief. Don’t even get us started with garter tosses, as ‘removing the garter in front of grandma’ seems to be a popular reason why the tradition is unpopular among many brides today. Wedding planners say that very few of the brides look at making bouquet or garter toss traditions a part of their weddings these days.

 Then again, when you think of it, what’s a wedding without any fun traditions, and that brings us to alternate fun ideas that you could use. We decided to keep the bouquet and garter as part of these new traditions, so they keep the old charm.


Flying garter

 Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s just a flying garter. This wedding tradition requires some extra work on the wedding decorator’s part beforehand. But watching the balloons float magically in air, definitely makes the effort worth it. Have the decorators blow out as many balloons as possible, hiding the garter in one of the small balloons. The small balloons are then filled into a larger balloon, or a couple of larger balloons, if one does not suffice. The groom is handed a sharp-ended pole at the wedding, so he can burst the large balloon open. Once he does this, all the smaller balloons fall out of the bigger balloon to the ground. You can then have the bachelors scramble around to try and find the garter in the balloons. It goes without saying that this tradition plays out best in a wedding hall where you have high-ceilings.


Anniversary dance

 In this wedding tradition, you start out with all married couples on the dance floor. The DJ then filters out married couples from the dance floor based on how long they have been married, so the ones with the most number of married years behind them, are the ones that are left on the dance floor at the end. The last couple that is left standing on the dance floor then receives a bouquet from the bride. Of course, you could swap out the bouquet with a bottle of wine or a pair of cufflinks, if bouquets seem a little too boring for your taste!


Single woman brigade

This one is actually a wedding tradition in Finland. So, you have all the single woman at wedding gather around in a circle, and the bride stands at the very center of the circle. The bride turns to one direction, and the other single woman follow her cue to turn the opposite way. This continues until the music comes to a stop. When it does, everyone freezes in their position, and the bride hands out the bouquet to the single woman who stands exactly in front of her. No clawing! No slips! We like how the Finnish do it!


Bonus: the teddy toss 

This tradition is for the kids, and as the name suggests, the bride tosses a teddy bear into a crowd of kids. We must warn you that this comes at the risk of broken nails and teeth, and you may want to carry out this tradition with caution, in a crowd of well-behaved kids (if there is such a thing).

On second thoughts, Adam Levine’s wedding surprise gig as in Sugar might be a good idea for a wedding tradition too, don’t you think?

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