The Art of the Winter Wedding

The Art of the Winter Wedding

Winter weather is here, but for many brides, the season is just heating up. Picking a winter wedding date may seem a little unusual, but the regal elegance of fresh snow piling atop a church spire may just be the picturesque setting you’ve been seeking.

If you’re contemplating a winter wedding, or you’ve already set your date late in the year, there are a few ways you can use the season to your advantage when building a truly unique wedding experience.

The winter season is typically considered to be an off-season for many of the best and most luxurious venues your local community has to offer. You can take advantage of great rates for many of these churches and halls, some of which may be available at a sizable discount from their summer registration prices.

bride and groomCreative and Stylish Decorations

Candles are a great way to provide solemn lighting for a ceremony that is meant to be intimate. Floating candles, candelabras and other fixtures can provide soft lighting for an interior space, helping to keep the atmosphere much warmer than the weather outside of your venue.

Although you’ll want the snow and cold to stay outside, there are many ways that you can incorporate snowy styles of decor into the ceremony and reception design.

Heaps of pulled cotton can evoke a pile of snow resting on top of your floral arrangements dotting the ceremony. Bringing in an ice sculpture for the wedding banquet, or incorporating hanging decorations that resemble icicles, can give you another way to celebrate the season.

Cool Invitations

People tend to think of the cold as sharp and biting, and that’s exactly how you can make your invitations look when you opt for a laser-cut design. Whether the corners are rounded or the front of the invitation is emblazoned with a laser etching, this style of invitation will stand out to your guests and prepare them for the winter wonderland atmosphere to come.


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