The Top 8 Things Couples Forget to Do on (or Before) Their Wedding Day

The Top 8 Things Couples Forget to Do on (or Before) Their Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be both exciting and very busy, and it’s common for brides (and grooms) to become consumed by lots of details both big and small making it easy for something to slip through the cracks. Instead of spending your entire wedding day worried you are forgetting something, a little planning will go a long way in making sure your wedding day is perfect and stress-free. 

Take Time to Eat and Stay Hydrated 

It’s far too common for brides to get wrapped up in hair and makeup, photos, and all of the excitement of your wedding day and forget to eat. Since it’s easy to get swept up in greeting guests and enjoying your wedding celebration, be sure to factor in at least two times to sit and eat.

The easiest way to do this is to start your day with a healthy breakfast, and also to be sure you sit down and eat some of your main meal at your reception. It’s also important to drink water throughout the day (alcohol alone won’t keep you hydrated!) so be sure to take frequent water breaks.

Charge Your Phone

This is especially important if you want to capture some photos on your phone throughout the day, and also to keep in touch with vendors in the event an issue arises, or even if a family member or other guest needs to get in touch with you. This doesn’t mean you need to keep your phone on your person at all times, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Practice Your Wedding Vows Ahead of Time

While this one isn’t a to-do list item for the day of, it will help you feel less flustered and more confident on your wedding day. Be sure to read through them at least once, and do it out loud. This will give you an opportunity to work out any areas of your vows that aren’t as smooth as you would like and to rephrase anything you feel is necessary. Plus, on the big day you’ll feel more confident reciting them having practiced them at least once before.

preparing wedding day tips and final payments

Organize Final Vendor Payments and Tips

While most of your vendors will be paid off by time your wedding day arrives, there are likely to be a few who will require final payment that night. In addition to any final payments, you may also have tips you intend to distribute to various vendors or people assisting you at the reception venue such as the maitre’d and bridal attendant.

Gather all of these final payments and tips well ahead of your wedding day and place them all in individual envelopes clearly labeled. This will make it much easier to handle these last minute financial tasks, and if you’re able to assign someone to manage these payments, it will be self-explanatory. 

Pack a Day of Bag

Your day-of wedding bag should contain some basic necessities you may need throughout the day such as tissues, makeup, any medication you regularly take, some pain relievers, safety bins, a mini sewing kit, stain stick, and anything else you anticipate you might need. If you plan to wear a second outfit at your reception or change into dancing shoes, these items should also be a part of this bag.

Assign Someone to Pick Up Last Minute Items

It’s common for there to be some last minute items that need to be picked up on the day of your wedding such as bouquets, boutonnieres, the cake, and other items that may be perishable. These items may need to be delivered to various locations, especially if you and your fiance are getting ready separately, so be sure to make a plan to get all of these last minute items to where they need to be. 

dont forget to pack your honeymoon luggage

Pack Your Honeymoon Luggage

This one won’t apply for everyone, but those couples who are leaving for their honeymoon immediately following their reception need to have a plan in place for packing and transporting their luggage.

If you are planning to go home between the reception and your flight, just be sure everything you need for your honeymoon is packed and ready to go (this includes your passport, travel docs, and money!) If you are planning to leave from a hotel room, make a plan to have your luggage brought to your hotel ahead of time, so you are prepared to leave for your honeymoon the next morning. 

A Card or Gift for Your Fiance

This is a fun tradition many couples partake in on their wedding day that requires a little planning. If you plan to give a gift or write a letter for your fiance to receive on your wedding day be sure to slip it into one of their bags or arrange for a member of your bridal party to deliver it to them. 

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